The Connoisseur



The Connoisseur is a 1000-piece puzzle featuring the art of Gabriel Picart.
  • Brand: Art & Fables
  • 1000 Pieces
  • Artist: Gabriel Picart
  • Puzzle Dimension: 18.9" x 26.7"
  • Velvet-touch finish
  • Includes a box top stand and resealable bag
  • Includes a high-quality print of the artwork suitable for framing

Gabriel Picart is a Spanish painter and illustrator born and based in Barcelona. While beginning his career as an illustrator for major publishing houses and advertising agencies across Europe and North America, Picart currently paints full-time. Picart primarily devotes his time to creating works for the IBEX Collection, the largest private collection of “contemporary, figurative, and super-realist art”. Picart views art as an alchemical process in which each element, pigments, oils, and brushstrokes, is transmuted into a full work of art in an almost magical transformation.