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"My main focus is on finding small puzzle brands with a diversity of ownership (MWBE and LGBTQIA+) and the support of BIPOC, female, and LGBTQIA+ artists. So many new companies do fantastic puzzles but aren't well known in the marketplace. I want to support them and help share their puzzles with a broader audience. Sadly, if there are puzzles reflecting the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community, aside from the very safe Pride puzzles, I haven't been able to find them. Children's puzzles reflecting DEI have been challenging as well.”

"Even when I find a brand, I'm excited about, I usually don't carry every puzzle they make. The puzzle has to speak to me. It could be the beauty of the art, the meaning behind it, or the artist. I love cartoon puzzles, as well as a novel, interesting puzzle art, like Magnolia, so there is some of that as well." - Helana

Puzzles are a screen-free, feel-good, relaxing experience.  Puzzles can be a form of self-care and are even good for your health!  According to Baylor College of Medicine, jigsaw puzzles can help reduce stress and improve memory and visual-spatial reasoning.  The act of putting a puzzle together can be a muse – sparking creativity, imagination, and productivity.


"I put together at least one puzzle from each brand before I decide to sell them. There have been occasions where I've been so excited to try a new puzzle company's beautiful puzzles, only to find the quality is poor. A poorly crafted puzzle makes for a poor puzzling experience. I want my customers to enjoy putting their puzzles together thoroughly." - Helana

Yes, we sell puzzles for ages 2-102 years old.


Yes, we do.

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