Red Plum



  • Brand: Magnolia
  • 1000 Pieces
  • Artist: Laverinne
  • Puzzle Dimensions:  26.8" x 18.9"

About the Artist

She is a watercolour artist from Indonesia. Her art style is inspired by Japanese style manga. Watercolour paintings are always her favourite and she is eager to learn more about it in order to improve her art day by day.

She likes to play with shape and colours. There is a perfect harmony of vintage themes, nature (especially animals and flowers) and beautiful women in her artworks.

Her artworks are exhibited in art galleries in the US and they are shown great interest by the art-lovers.   

“I really like to express everything that I love into the paintings. Animals, flowers, forests.. The human itself already is a beautiful creature.  I’m always amazed by the nature. I am trying to show its beauty with my art that cannot be described in words – Laverinne”