This 500 piece puzzle features an iconic image from one of the Poppik posters. On this magnificent image, discover the most famous underwater species: whales, dolphins, jellyfish, tropical fish and octopuses.
  • Brand: Poppik
  • 500 Pieces
  • Artist:  Lucie Brunelliere
  • Puzzle Dimensions: 18.2" x 12.8"
  • Ages 7+

About the Artist

Lucie Brunellière has been an illustrator and started in the children's press, but today works mainly in children's publishing.

Lucie works in a cozy workshop with other freelancers, with chocolate in the cupboards, which she regards as the optimal conditions for creations. She spends a lot of time on Pinterest or Instagram, where she delights in all the gorgeous images she finds there. She has two children who also inspire her on a daily basis.