"Essence is the representation of women of color in all her shades of glory. From light skin to dark skin, she is one. She has braids of color; she wears jewels of beads and stones that heal. She is surrounded by flowers that bring renewal and a bird that represents strength and freedom. She wears a cap that represents her colors. She is serene and at peace."
  • Brand: WerkShoppe
  • 300 Pieces
  • Artist:  Donna McKenzie
  • Puzzle Dimensions:  13" x 19"
  • Recommended age:  13+ years

About the Artist

New Jersey based artist and fashion designer Donna McKenzie has been honing her skills in fine art for the past several years. Originally enjoying a career in fashion, she has now blended her passion for art and fashion to create distinctive, bold, colorful pieces that draw upon a broad spectrum of rich influences, cultures and her fashion career. As a young person, art and fashion played a major part of her formative years. Deciding fashion as a career path, she attended Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute respectively, earning a degree in Bachelor of Arts. She became a successful New York fashion designer working within the industry for over 25 years. Now, in the next phase of her life she has returned to fine art.