• Brand: Magnolia
  • 1000 Pieces
  • Artist:  Nolwenn Denis
  • Puzzle Dimensions:  26.8" x 18.9"

About the Artist

Nolwenn Denis is a globe-trotting artist whose work is full of colors. She is influenced by her travels and her long stay in Colombia. Her work is an invitation to escape, a call to explore and dream of colourful adventures. Nolwenn specialises in illustrations that are full of life. She loves to create unique works that transport the people who look at them and take them with her around the world.

The artist uses all the colors in a perfect harmony just like a maestro conducting the orchestra in a beautiful symphony. Colorful houses, buildings, trees, people, places.. You will love the way she sees the world and feel the warmth, joy and peace in her art. Enjoy your trip!