Arms full of knowledge, they are powerful beyond measure.

  • Brand: Dope Pieces
  • 500 Pieces
  • Puzzle Dimensions: 18 x 24 inches
  • Artist: Ansel Butler

About the Artist

Ansel Butler is a progressive and innovative artist that is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. As a young child, his parents knew early that he had a significant connection to art and creativity but were unsure of how that path would or should manifest. When asked about his passion, his life’s work, Ansel stated: "Art isn't supposed to be stagnant. Art is alive. It moves just as the person that renders it moves with their brush. Art must grow and change just as the artist must grow and change. I was once asked to label my life’s work and in reality I was uninterested. But if I had to explain it, I would define it as subtle stitches in time. From portraits to abstract renderings to images that are gentle reminders of the things that touch our lives from a contemporary artistic view".