To Be Loved


  • Brand: Puzzles of Color
  • 1000 Pieces
  • Artist: Kwanzaa Edwards
  • Puzzle Dimensions: 20 x 27 inches
  • Soft-gloss finished, precision cuts on sturdy cardboard with minimum dust
  • Reference poster included

To be Loved is an unapologetic depiction of the feeling of being loved unconditionally and allowing yourself to be loved. The use of fanciful colors in soft blues, vibrant pink, and apple green, this puzzle communicates the flow and freedom of creating and owning one’s existence, experiences, and  the magic within.

About the Artist

A San Antonio based painter and illustrator, Kwanzaa Edwards has been honing her skills in figurative painting since earning her BFA in Painting from Lamar University in 2014.

Originally an abstract painter, Kwanzaa blended her abstract style with her experience in figurative illustration bringing about a unique marriage of her skills. Mental health, self acceptance and black female empowerment have been consistent subjects of her work. Her characters often present an unapologetic existence in their respective universes. Fantasy plays a key role as her figures often display features that aren’t natural in this world such as colorful galaxy afros and unnatural eye colors, drawing in the viewer to see the magical and power that resides within.